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Interview: MJ Dixon
Matt interviews Slasher House director MJ Dixon

Matthew Gunnoe Interview
Director Matthew Gunnoe talks to Crimson Celluloid about low-budget flick 'The Pit'

Amber Sym Interview
Playboy model and Horror actress Amber Sym talks to Crimson Celluloid about low-budget flick 'The Pit'

Inbetweeners, The
Movie review of The Inbetweeners Movie

Movie review of Drive

The Devil's Rock
Cinema review of The Devil's Rock

Rule of Three: Rhoda Jordan Interview
Interview with star, producer and writer of Rule of Three

The Corner
A review for the book 'The Corner: A Year in the Life of an Inner-city Neighbourhood'

Cinema review for Splice

Girl Who Played With Fire, The
Cinema review for The Girl Who Played With Fire

Rex Sikes Interview
Rex Sikes Remembers 'Massacre at Central High'

Interview: Veronica Sywak
Interview with Veronica Sywak of Welcome to the Jungle

Eleonore Hendricks Interview
Interview with Bad Biology 'Crackwhore' Eleonore Hendricks

Ted A. Bohus Interview
An interview with horror and exploitation director, producer, actor, writer Ted A. Bohus

Ted V. Mikels
An interview with cult movie director Ted V. Mikels

Greydon Clark Interview
An interview with director Greydon Clark

Ursula Dabrowsky / Cassandra Kane Interview
An interview with Director Ursula Dabrowsky and Actress Cassandra Kane

Two Films By Uwe Boll
To date I have not had the pleasure of witnessing one of Boll’s so-called celluloid atrocities

Trent Harris: A Hidden Gem
My thoughts and feelings on Trent Harris' main works...

Nocturno Culto Interview
Nocturno Culto answers questions about his debut film The Misanthrope

42nd Street Pete Interview
42nd Street Pete talks about Grindhouse cinema